Wooden Pallets for Recycling: not all pallets are created equal

Wooden pallet stack

What are the different types of wooden pallets for recycling?

There are two main kinds of wooden pallets for recycling which have some value: UK Standard pallets and Euro pallets. These pallets will offset the disposal cost of broken and non-standard pallets.

UK standard wooden pallets for recycling

Both Euros and Standards come in a variety of styles, with varying market value. Although from the perspective of organised collection, only the best quality will be rebated.

Any pallet with dimensions of 1200mm x 1000mm can be referred to as a ‘UK Standard’. This is the standard pallet size in the UK. However, there is no formal regulation on pallets in the UK (beyond international sanitation), so other aspects of the pallet, such as weight, load capacity, and wood quality, can vary significantly. The closer boarded the surface of the pallet, the heavier the pallet is and the better its weight loading capability. In good condition these would be classed as Grade A pallets.

Another distinction is between 4-way entry pallets, which can be fork-lifted from any side, and 2-way entry pallets which have a stringers blocking forklift access from one side.

Euro pallets

The Euro pallet, also known as EUR-pallet or EPAL-pallet, is the standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association  (EPAL).

Euro pallet markings on wooden pallet       Euro pallet markings on wooden pallet

Euro pallets are 1200 × 800 × 144mm (thinner than UK standards), but there are variants (see table below). Again, there is a great deal of variation, which is reflected in their value. Heavyweight Euros (800mm x 1200mm) are the most  desirable.  Lighter weight versions having little value.

Euro pallets can be easily identified by EPAL, EUR and manufacturer stamps on the blocks.

Wooden pallet types and dimensions table

What can I get for my pallets

Standard UK pallets and Euro pallets that are heavy and close boarded in good condition will attract a rebate.  This will be offset against the cost of disposing of the non-standard and broken pallets as well as the transport costs of collection.

At the present time the most valuable pallets are rebated at £3.50 each with a charge of £1.00 each for the disposal of broken and non-standard pallets.

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